Blog Avatar

The Blog Avatar is by default the Member Avatar of the Blog Administrator. If the site_icon WordPress feature is supported, then the Blog Avatar will use it.

Schema Schema

The schema defines all the fields that exist for a blog avatar object.


Full size of the image file.
Read only
Context: viewedit

Thumb size of the image file.
Read only
Context: viewedit

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Retrieve the Avatar of a Blog Retrieve the Avatar of a Blog

Arguments Arguments

idintegerA unique numeric ID for the Blog.
contextstringScope under which the request is made; determines fields present in response.
Default: view
One of : view, edit
htmlbooleanWhether to return an <img> HTML element, vs a raw URL to a group avatar.
Default: false
altstringThe custom alt attribute for the <img> element.
Default: ''
no_user_gravatarbooleanWhether to disable the default Gravatar Admin user fallback. true to disable, false otherwise.
Default: false

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Definition Definition

GET /buddypress/v1/blogs/<id>/avatar

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Example of use Example of use

Alert: To use the bp.apiRequest function, you need to enqueue the bp-api-request JavaScript or use it as a dependency of your script. Refer to this page to know more about loading JavaScript files in WordPress.
bp.apiRequest( {
  path: 'buddypress/v1/blogs/1/avatar',
  type: 'GET',
  data: {
    context: 'view'
} ).done( function( data ) {
  return data;
} ).fail( function( error ) {
  return error;
} );